Heard of the Peace Caravan?

Rachel runs a peace caravan and i have just finished a successful youth caravan in the Rift Valley

It was from the fact finding trips early January and February that we Voluntary Youth Philanthropists managed to have the caravan and a successful one. The report will be available soon.

However, the issue of Repatriation of IDPs is still alarming, i will briefly say that it was a rushed repatriation and the returnees have no choice since they are returning in order to be considered for compensation. Even though it is the case Kuresoi in Molo Distrist and Kipkelion in Kericho was a vacated place and the IDPS have not taken risk of going back despite the conditions. Kuresoi was said by the victims to have been the pilot project for other areas and the violence did not start after the elections but way back.  Some are willing to go back of which should be encouraged but we would like the government to consider dialogue between the IDPs and receiving community, peace building & reconciliation, to run parallel with the repatriation, thus sustainable peace, confidence and trust building will be possible and repatriation and reconstruction will be easier that it is currently.

The receiving community should be given a chance to speak out on the way forward for the victim since they were the perpetrators. They are supposed to be their neighbours security, since the security provided at the moment will not be there forever. If the government feels it is safe for the IDPs to return home, why then are they providing security, if all is well? Let the people speak, Kuresoi and Kipkelion is not only one community which was sent away but all as long as you were reffered to madoadoa (spots). The effort is welcome but the lasting solution will come from the communities.

bye for now


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