Louis Otieno Show-Peace Caravan

As the National Healing and Reconciliation of our beloved country Kenya is rolling, Voluntary Youth Philanthropists is planning for the 2nd caravan this year in September 9th -2st, we are on the move from 21st of July to mark the route in North Eastern Kenya starting from Nairobi – Loiyangarani in Turkana, then pre caravan trainings will follow in August september as we mobilise resources for caravan particpants. At the same time i had the priveledge to mobilise and attend the first show which took place in Nairobi on 3rd July, several other shows will take place every Thursday organise by National Response Initiative, where i represent youths in Kenya, as follows:

The Louis Otieno Live Show is on and the Nairobi one was aired on Thursday 3rd from 9.40pm to midnight. Broadcasted from Charter Hall. The topic wa Towards National Healing and Reconciliation”mainly to set an agenda for a national dialogue.

Below is a sequence of how the shows will air:

  1. Nairobi –  3rd July
  2. Eldoret – 10th July
  3. Nyeri – 17th July
  4. Nakuru – 24th July
  5. Kakamega – 31st July
  6. Garissa – 7th August
  7. Machakos – 14th August
  8. Kisumu – 21st August
  9. Meru – 28th August
  10. Kwale or Malindi – 4th September
  11. Kisii – 11th September
  12. Mombasa – 18th September
  13. Nairobi – 25th September
  14. This is an intiative of National RESPONSE Intitiative, if you are able to listen please do so and some may be in a position to attend if the are in your place, but attendance is by invitations only. Kindly contribute even through the same route, i will forwards your questions or contribution. Regards Rachel http://www.peace-caravan.org

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