I have been thinking of the latest strikes, killing and burning of schools and i am thinking of joint efforts to start PEACE CLUBS AND ART FOR PEACE in schools, for peace education. I see it as a base for dialogue among student and teachers to come up with solutions from the hidden conflict amongst them and also part which may be from parents back home. we have started several peace clubs and arts in schools both Primary and High Schools which are doing very well and can be shared example for best practise, but we do not have financial resources to multiply that to as many schools as possible but it is a solution. this  comes hand in hand with motivational talks and student teachers and parents meeting. I just visited one of the schools today where we have peace clubs and the challenge i have is to carry on the good work but i have the challenge of finances, but the will is there. it is one of the schools which will take part in the Peace Caravan in September, lets walk the talk support the initiative, and make a difference. Rachel


2 thoughts on “Is it a SOLUTION?

  1. Today being my birthday, i decided to visit some young people to gather ideas around the topic and it is clear that, school institutions need Peace Clubs to be used as a platform for facilitated dialogue. Issue of drugs, family settings and parent job occupancy is leading to the violence in schools. The proposal of motivational talks in the school was encouraged. the few peace clubs and today discovered peer clubs in school is a good way to involve student in a more meaningful engagement both in and out of school. lets explore…

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