National Youth Congress-Kenya

As we mark the precaravan routes, we are also identifying grassroot youth organisations who can participate in the National Youth Congress next month 14-16 August. I am one of the organisers and if you happen to be in the areas am visiting below kindly get in touch and also if you have a youth group in any part of Kenya. I will also be leading a session on youth and post conflict resolutions. Kindly get involved or be part of the congress.

Dates and route
21 Nariobi – Muranga – Nyeri- Nanyuki Dol dol
22 Isiolo- Archers post –
23 Isiolo – Laisamis
24 Marsabit
25 Turbi
26 Moyale
27 Moyale Marsabit
28 Marsabit – North Horr
29 Loiyangalani
If you have contacts in these areas we appreciate if you can forward them to us.Regards  Rachel


10 thoughts on “National Youth Congress-Kenya

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  2. Pls lets know when u guys are anywhere near Eldoret bcoz as far as ethnic unease, tension, suspicion, baseless vitriol in public chatter n blabber… this place is a ticking time bomb which needs to be defused. The PEV of 2007-2009 that catapulted Eld to global fame should make us thread peace among our youth at any opportunity (the older folks might be a lost cause on this one). Been in Med school here for 7 yrs n it bleeds my heart to see the evolution of ethnic hate in this town

  3. Hey,

    my names are Linda, from jade sea(loiyangalani), am happy to get you here equally i would like to participate on this, we have got several youth group, formed, for the purpose of educating young people, peace in our sociaties etc… on behalf of the group.

    I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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