SMS CENTER-+254 713 465220

Dear friends,

I would like to bring to your attention that Voluntary Youth Philanthropists has an sms centre +254 713465220 where you can post what you are doing on the ground for peace and development and or any other constructive information you may be having for a better Kenya and world at large.

You can use the sms centre to report/inform
1. the world what is happening around you.
2. share invovative projects
3. get known globally
4. share youth issues
5. or basically tell us about your community the way of life etc.
6. and much more depending on what you would like the world to know about you and your area

It will also be a way of networking youth and all with similarities and also sharing ideas. Always tell us where you are, you may or may not disclose your name but we can call you back to verify or learn more about your text message. lets talk.

Remember you can only send an text message to the number but you cannot call the number. After we have received your sms we shall write a report / send it online for the world to read about what you want us to know. The smses will be posted to site.

Please forward

VYP is redesigning the website watch out.


Peace Caravan – Mt Elgon

VYP has been following the on goings in Mt. Elgon district with a keen interest especially on the role played by the youth in the eruption and consequent involvement in the violence. We have noted that the youth are the main proponents of the violence / misunderstanding as they are the mostly affected age group by the issues of Land ownership and unemployment which are the main catalysts of the Mt. Elgon violence. They bore the brunt of the security forces during the operation okoa maisha that was launched by the government to bring back law and order into the region. As much as the youth were involved in the conflicts, and acts of unlawfulness orchestrated by the militia groups that ran terror in the region, it is also important to integrate the same youth back into the community and help them forge a way forward so that they can change their ways and get involved positively with the community. To pass this message effectively we feel that they would be more accepting and involved should this message be passed to them by fellow youth and by use of forums that identify best with the youth. We wish to do this by incorporating into our team youth from other conflict spots of our Nation who have been beneficiaries of similar initiatives by VYP as a testimony to the Mt. Elgon youth, that there is a future for the youth even from trouble spots but only if they themselves lead and own the process of transforming the region from a trouble spot into an environment fit for living and conducive for economic activities thus the theme Youth Leading Change – Mageuzi kutokana na vijana.


Rachel Wambui