SMS CENTER-+254 713 465220

Dear friends,

I would like to bring to your attention that Voluntary Youth Philanthropists has an sms centre +254 713465220 where you can post what you are doing on the ground for peace and development and or any other constructive information you may be having for a better Kenya and world at large.

You can use the sms centre to report/inform
1. the world what is happening around you.
2. share invovative projects
3. get known globally
4. share youth issues
5. or basically tell us about your community the way of life etc.
6. and much more depending on what you would like the world to know about you and your area

It will also be a way of networking youth and all with similarities and also sharing ideas. Always tell us where you are, you may or may not disclose your name but we can call you back to verify or learn more about your text message. lets talk.

Remember you can only send an text message to the number but you cannot call the number. After we have received your sms we shall write a report / send it online for the world to read about what you want us to know. The smses will be posted to site.

Please forward

VYP is redesigning the website watch out.


6 thoughts on “SMS CENTER-+254 713 465220

  1. Hujambo Rachel,

    Methali sa Kiswahili: Hiari ya shinda utumwa.

    Your last message comes at an ripe moment. At the same time I have been asked to research for one of our projects in Esabalu. You may be just the person to help me.
    The project is that of the Security Group. It is a group of night watchmen who patrol the village. Since the men have been in force break-ins and night marauding have dropped in number. The group needs more structure and organization. They have asked us how they can get trained to do community police work.
    Do you have any knowledge of in-country resources for training community security volunteers?
    I am reminded of the proverb I quoted above. I have seen the quote translated as “Voluntary work is better than slavery” But, I see it differently in this case. Hiari can also mean “judgment” and utumwa is the result of tyranny. In the violence after the elections I saw evidence of many village security forces turning against the people they were supposed to protect. They gave over their volunteerism and their judgment to become the strong arm of tyranny.
    I ask you, who is someone who sees the need for security and the need for restraint of force in these matters, is there any advice you can give to help these watchmen protect their community with appropriate vigilance without becoming vigilantes? Are there any groups in Kenya who can train these watchmen?
    Rafiki yako,

  2. Hujambo, Rachel! Hongera! Heko sana!
    My name is Paul Fegan. I am a member of Amesbury for Africa. You can visit us at We are part of a UN Sister Villages project in partnership with the village of Esabalu in the Luanda district of Bunyore. Our partners in the village are the Esabalu Self Help Group.
    Since my involvement in AFA I have gathered more friends in Kenya (on line) than I have in my own neighborhood.
    I wrote to both you and Bw. Kennedy Odwino praising your work during the election violence.
    Through Eric Shukuku, a technology expert and teacher in Nairobi, I have a connection with the village of Mwihila near Esabalu.
    I also have a connection with Bw. Celestine Simiyu of the village of Lwanda, also near Esabalu. Bw. Simiyu is the program director of Mbambe Rural Resource Management Program. Our old friends in Esabalu recently had a meeting with our new friends at Mbambe to pool resources and help in each others projects.
    In the slums of Kibera I have contact with Dr. Andrew Otieno of the Makina Clinic. He is connected with the micro finance company Jamii Bora Trust as well as being head of the clinic.
    There are other Kenyans and nani wanasema Kiswhili I write to in Canada, USA, and other parts of the world who advise me on language and customs.
    My friends in the village of Esabalu are Robin Mbandu, David Orao, and Peter Ayanga. Robin and David are co-founders of the drama group Gifted Souls Theater Stars who recently united with a larger theater company in the area, the Malembe Hybrid Thespians.
    Peter mentors David and Robin. My wife and I also had the honor to be guests in Peters’ home during our visit to Esabalu in 2005.
    It is exciting to see that connectivity in Kenya is growing through your efforts with the Peace Caravan. I am looking forward to hearing and talking to others working to bring benefit to the people.
    Mungubariki! Unafanikiwa!
    Paul E. Fegan

  3. Hi Rachel!

    I just want to echo Erik’s comments and wish you all the best of luck with this. I’ll also follow this closely to see where you take it. (I’d also like to thank Juliana for helping you get going with the FrontlineSMS element of the installation).


    • Hi Ken,

      Thanks to for the brilliant idea. i believe it will be our discussion center with youth who cannot access internet but can text through mobile phones. As we start our activities we shall use it to evaluate our impact in the field. Thanks again. Yes it was nice for Juliana to help us through.


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