Skills for Peace

Dear all,

“Light a Home” is a project of voluntary Youth Philanthropists to ensure that rural areas have DIY solar for the light and for radio power and solar torches. The project I thought of during my visit to the UK when we met with Graham who also gave me samples to carry with me.

I have organized youth in 3 rural settings (20-25 people per group) in Kenya where they use petroleum products for lighting the lamps/any other lighting equipment. we have introduced the concept and used the samples to illustrate the use of the solar for radios especially and touch. The project has been embraced by the youth in the rural areas and we are working together to set up the project to benefit the homes in the rural settings where their main source of income is subsistence farming and pastrolism, education to many is a luxury after standard eight due to lack of school fees and thus makes it very difficult to raise the standards of living. HIV/aids has also rocked the areas with little knowledge on the same. The groups we have organised will be used for outreach in the community after the necessary trainings and they will also work on the “Light a Home” project as a source of income generating project one among the many they will be introduced to as the time goes by.

I have a technical guy who is going to show them how to assemble the DIY solar, and later the project to be for the community/youth in the rural area. However, the materials to assemble for the above mentioned solar lighting projects one is approximately USD 10 and can be sold between USD 20-30. I am looking for people who are willing to contribute for the project as seed money. I would appreciate if i could be supported with USD 500 to kick start the project.

In summer we have organised work camps in those 3 rural areas and we are going to make some of the equipments and encourage interactions among youth from different communities.

Thanks to Graham Knight for the knowledge you have shared with me. You will give a smile to many youth rocked in rural remote areas.

Light a Home




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