Caravan Amani (Peace caravan) East africa

VYP is well known for the annual National Peace Camel Caravan in Kenya since 2004,which aims to encourage the youth to form as many youth groups as possible at there own local community in order to tap the available resources within the area for self –reliance and community development. This was to emphasize that education is not the only way to success but teamwork, hard work, discovering own talents and turning them to a career is also a way to a better future. Peace Caravan was a tool used during the last year post election violence in Rift Valley to bring the conflicting communities together for dialogue to enhance peaceful coexistence, which has led to the start of a new project Skill for Sustainable Peace to address social economic issues among the youth which has made them venerable to the hands of the politicians.

Voluntary Youth Philanthropists, having been part of the Caravan Amani in 2004 for Greatlakes, its again partnering with Esperance for the second, this time East Africa Caravan Amani taking place in March 2009.

Esperance – the implementing organisation, in collaboration with SRSA, YDF is aiming to recreate Caravan Amani by drawing from best practices and learned lessons of the experiences made in 2004 and by extending the tour to central Uganda, eastern Kenya and northern Tanzania.

Caravan Amani East Africa partners

1. Voluntary Youth Philanthropists (VYP) – Kenya.
2. Esperance (the implementing organization)- Rwanda
3. Centre Kamenge – Burundi,
4. Rainbow House of Hope – Uganda
5. Tanzania
6. South Africa – NGO “I – Pal”.

The participants will be recruited from the (6) countries, through Esperance partner organizations, of which each partner country will be represented by 6 young people aged 18 to 30 years. The participants will have to be able to speak either English or Swahili. In addition to that, a gender-balanced team is a prerequisite.

Each group from the respective countries is contributing a specific element, such as Football Forum Theatre, Street Style Football, Sketches and Stand-up-Comedy, Marching Band, Pop Music, Jazz-Dance

The Caravan Amani will start in Kigali with one week planning, rehearsal and team building. The real Caravan Amani on the move, Kicks off in Bujumbura (BUR) and leading around Lake Victoria via Butare (RWA), Mbarara (UGA), Kampala (UGA), Kisumu (KEN), Homa Bay (KEN), Mwanza (TAN) to Kigali (RWA) again for the closing and evaluation of the Caravani Amani.

“Youth lets unites and focus on our future”



6 thoughts on “Caravan Amani (Peace caravan) East africa

  1. was at the caravan amani 2009,i really enjoyd the experience and moment.i was wondering if da copy of da hole event is available becouse those are memories i would lyk 2 keep forever!

  2. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  3. Hujambo Rachel,

    In the village of Esabalu there is a dramatic group, formally known as the Gifted Souls Theater Stars, now part of the Mulembe Hybrid Thespians. Their group has trained in theater with Ezekiel Alembe and has won awards in the district for their performances. Is there an opportunity for these young performers to join the Peace Caravan? Who should they contact? Thank you for all you do.

    Penye wengi pana Mungu

    Paul E. Fegan

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