Two in one – Coalition Government

Its so surprising how things are running in our country Kenya today. The country is going down to… everyday, we have two governments in one the so called coalition government, the so many ministers, assistants ministers and the Permanent Secretaries. If for sure it is the government for the people why do they have all the 44 ministers when it can have 22 or less, like those of the developed country. The huge salaries and allowances earned by them to be used by the youth for socio economic development, which has become a reason for the cause/manipulation of youth in the post election violence. If we really want to empower the youth economically, why then not give them priority?

However, the implementation of the youth fund, a loan repayable on weekly basis, Is it for benefiting the youth really or to make them more miserable?

So many questions without answers but the youth we should lobby for our space not to wait for a space, unless you are among the few in the “millionare” bracket. Volunteerism key to success and community cohesion.



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