Youth its our turn!

We have watched and witnessed Barak Obama take presidency in the United States, and history has been written. A young ambitious, focused … man. If he made it then youth its the high time we came out of the slumber land and take over leadership. Instead of complaining and mourning the bad governance, lack of inclusion and involvement in key leadership positions, we should wake up and take action in a peaceful way. The peacebuilding practitioners call it active non violence, I would refer to Mahatma Gandhi movement and the the grain of rice campaign. Kenyan youth we need to set an example for the world that good governance is coming to Kenya through the leadership of young people. We are all experiencing the struggle of the common person, and the marginalised “youth” to be precise, we also compose the largest population in Kenya and the world, why not then be able to demonstrate the leadership we want?

I have talked of volunteerism for a cause, and thats the only way we young people, we shall be able to liberate ourselves. We all need a plate of food on the table but lets not be like Esau for those who read the Bible who sold his birth right just for a meal, I will not elaborate more, I am sure we have the point.

The 2007-8 post election violence should have been an eye opener for us all, and especially after the coalition government, thanks to Koffi Annan for saving soles. However, 2012 is just around the corner, the romour has it and I quote “we are all prepared” and Kregler said if … “It will be like a christmas party.” Where is our stand, what are you as a young person doing to ensure that we build the Nation -Kenya we want? The campaigns are high only after an year, what development are we getting if the politicians are teaming up for 2012, why cant they work for “us” and campaign in 2012 itself, lets wake up and be focused, its our time. Nothing comes easily and we need to network for a common purpose with underlying factor that we are all youth and unemployed, its not the tribes which we are identified with but the fact that we face same challenges/ issues in our country Kenya, lets set an example for active non violence and the world will follow. The time is now!!!

By Rachel


One thought on “Youth its our turn!

  1. indeed with a focused mind and positive actions, we shall reap a peaceful Kenya that we want and that the future generation will wish to have. Again let us pray for peace and take action in voting peacefully. Thanks Rachel for your enriching article

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