An army within an army or a city within a city-Kenya

Its food for thought to all who will read this note. We have the famous Eastleigh estate well known for business people who are percieved to be ‘Kenyan Somali’, the estate as we read in the recent Sunday Nation has turned to be for the above mentioned, buying properties for millions of shillings to ensure they are the only occupant of the area. Majority do not speak our National Language as I have realized when shopping in the area, true people who respect their culture as the swahili saying, ‘mwacha mila ni mtumwa’. they are “managing” the area with superb 3-4star hotels, as they say its only life you cannot get from the estate. Having said that, I will just touch a litlle about the military base in the area, is it a tickling time bomb? I will not say more than that because… Time will tell and are we “all” blind?

I have no ill feeling and I love them for who they are and especially the business part. I have to go… later

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