A Roof over my head

Voluntary Youth Philanthropists works to ensure that the youth take responsibility for a positive future. We encourage them to enhance talents and skills for career and also utilizing available local resources at their disposal for income generating activities. This has been successful through the Peace Caravan best practices outreach across the country by challenging the youth to think outside the box for growth and development.

VYP is encouraging the youth to build connection with the adult and peers in order to have community acceptance through ONE STOP COMMUNITY RESOURCE CENTER. We are currently trying a pilot project in the rural area of Mukurweini with young people who are carrying out community education through theatre and sports as we continue putting in place the center. They have also started voluntary work in the community to take care of the old and the disadvantaged, this started when we went to distribute food to the hungry in the area, identified by the same young people.

However, one of the beneficiaries (from relief food) stays in a sample of a house not even chicken can spend a night in. The young people decided to build a house for him, which they organized themselves and made bricks, they dried and then started the house which is now ready for roofing. Since they do not have finances to buy iron sheet (7 pieces), a window (wooden) and door (wooden) and for sure a bed, a mattress and a blanket), I am writing to request your personal contribution to support me in buying the materials stated to give hope to the person. The cost may be about Kshs.15,000, please consider some little contribution to make the project a success. It is raining at the moment and we would not like the effort of the young people to go to waste, if the house is carried by water and also for the person to have shelter and have reason for existence.

This activities are making the young people more responsible in the community and helps them learn and gain social skills for problem solving and compromises with others, they affect the attitude of the community and increase community involvement through volunteer work.

Looking forward to your support.

Thanks in advance



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