House Help

I feel good being a mother but the challenges which come with it are many. I am very impressed with the house help in my house, something am experincing for the first time in life. She is a second mum to my son and a lady who deserves to treated with respect. Its a thought which came to my mind when I left home one day with everything under her care even my treasured baby. She is a mother, a nurse, a friend and a family to us. I believe this happens to all the families who employ a house help, treat them with care respect like a daughter, a sister, an aunt or someone close to you. If you do mistreat your house help then you are causing more harm than good to your family. Remember they are human too only that they didnt manage to get as a good job or a better earning than you do. Pls give them respect.


2 thoughts on “House Help

  1. Reminds one of the poem:
    Atieno washes dishes,
    She plucks the chicken,
    Beds the children…
    Atieno 12 years old,
    Atieno yooo! (sic)…..

    Indeed, the so called (amongst my kinsmen: Domestic Logistical Coordinators) are really an important part of the family. And what with the modern day demands of life where we leave the houses in the wee hours of the night and return towards midnight. Our kids are basically growing up in the hands of the ‘house helps’!

    For a sober mind, indeed like Rachel realized, these are crucial people in our family lives!

    Kudos Rachel, for that realization and posting!

    Keep it up!

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