While we are smelling the 2017 general elections, we must not forget the eruption of violence that followed 2007/8 election 10 years ago. More than 1300 people lost their lives, thousands had been injured and hundreds of thousands were forced to flee… It’s our duty and responsibility to remind us those tragic events and to learn from that past to ensure a better future for next generations.

Voluntary Youth Philanthropist was involved in breaking the silence and responding to humanitarian response. The roads were empty and people were speaking in whispers, the story of the shetani (devil) made us do what we did, kill, rape, steal, was the rhetoric in most of the areas we visited. let Devil not take control in our minds, let God be our guide and we shall come out victorious. This was possible due to previous engagement with the community through capacity building and peace caravans. VYP has so much learning from the previous intervention and networks and has been responding to conflict early warning through Peace march, peace caravans, capacity building and community dialogues. However, the drums of war are so loud and clear but we would like Kenyans not to be people who forget too fast.

I still feel concerned with areas like Kedong Naivasha, Langas Eldoret, Kuresoi and Luyangarani. Mathare, Kibera and Korogocho the areas which were greatly affect ten years ago and the areas i have visited of late and the tension is very high. If and I say if those people who are working on peace are doing so for financial gain and not for the good of the citizen, Kenya will burn with us all unless you are among the many who have their flights book for exit. Responding and not mitigating will be the worst this time round when everyone seems to be prepared for war. Let free, fare and credible election be determined by you and me through the ballot and make Kenya great or start a revolution which might be or not be timely.

Here are some pictures of the peace caravan which runs through the whole country after the post electoral violence of 2007/2008: The preparation of the mission, actions and exhibitions led in refugee camps, the peace and reconciliation, advocacy, the involvement of people during processions…