The Peace Caravan

The idea of a PEACE CARAVAN was conceived in October 2003 by VYP, as a young woman centre and drive initiative. Having been living in a slum area, Rachel Wambui Kung’u saw that a fire brigade took an hour and more to arrive at the area which is only 10km from the city center, incase of fire. The area with a semi permanent structure of timber and iron sheet, the fire could gutter down at least 50 homesteads leaving them homeless and several loss of lives.

Also the increased paraffin depot in the area majority set in a residential plot caused Wambui heartache. School drop outs due to high school fees, thanks for the free primary education, which has seen majority of the children in school, and with families living for less than a dollar a day was at the peak. This caused insecurity and prostitution to look for a piece meal, drug trafficking, increased number of street children, early marriage for girls who try to look for opportunities, and majority of them having children at there teen age led to increased poverty and HIV/AIDS. Tenant landlord conflicts were in the open especially among the youth.

With all this issues and many more, Wambui felt there was a dire need for information and human rights education. She saw that community solidarity was the key to self and community development. Being a youth and especially a young woman, it was obvious that security was and still is paramount for survival – and her question was, how do I (Wambui) ensure that am secure in my homestead and in the country at large? She talked to her fellow youth and the answer was clear:

Youth’s worst enemy is idleness; the jargon has given birth to drug abuse and trafficking, poverty, HIV/AIDS, crime and the survival for the fittest.

Hence the idea to start the PEACE CARAVAN was to encourage the youth to form as many youth groups as possible at there own local community in order to tap the available resources within the area for self –reliance and community development. To emphasize that education is not the only way to success but teamwork, hard work, discovering own talents and turning them to a career into a better future.

The PEACE CARAVAN was a pilot project in 2004, which was envisaged to be held annually so as to educate other young people especially women and youth in rural remote areas, marginalized and the vulnerable. Being a challenging event, it is meant for only serious youth leaders who are determined to be the change they want to see. This initiative addresses youth at the grassroot level, it has come up clear that bottom up approach is a rewarding strategy in the process of change.

PEACE CARAVAN areas of focus are:

  1. Peace as a tool for development and growth
  2. Youth in leadership and decision making for their future.
  3. Entrepreneurship and achievement of Millennium development Goals
  4. Environmental conservation
  5. Reproductive health

The PEACE CARAVAN will be an annual event which will use different routes and with different theme depending on the issues rose from the previous groups which will be formed and/or incorporated during the campaign, who will be among the organizing team. This will also help in the evaluation and monitoring of the groups/projects on already formed and the impact.

Wambui says, “l lead by example and I am a living life experience”


11 thoughts on “The Peace Caravan

  1. This site was forwarded to me by a friend from the United States. Are you still doing the Peace Caravans? I have been doing Peace Caravans in Pastoralists areas. I had not heard of your caravans. Let me know how about you guys… Do you have a website, or something that can give me more information about your Caravan work? Wambui, kindly get in touch…

  2. The Youth Congress is organizing an event for strategic youth leaders and organization and would want to make you part.

    It is in this respect am writing to request if you could provide us with one of your representatives. Kindly avail us the name and contact.

    Thanks in advance

    Sospeter G. Mumbi- 0724 964 955/ 0752 176 269

    Program Ass

  3. I was wonderingabout how possible i can join the group and help build the mission/vision of Peace Caravan Kenya. I really hope you will keep me posted on what is happening via my email address

    hope to hearing from you soon.

    Silvia Njeri

  4. CONGRANT, this where we belong am charles the student leader gusii institute of tecnology have looking for your contact give mea chance and we shall walk 2gether

  5. I have been hearing about you guys severally passing through Brian in Kisumu. I think for now I have little idea about the whole thing. I was wandered about how possible i can join the group and help build the mission/vision of Peace Caravan Kenya. I really hope you will keep me posted, and if there need be of more detail required please let me know.

    hope to hearing from you again soon. hopefully via my mail address.

    Olive Mellitus.

  6. Hi Rachel,

    Just a little small message to say congratulation. I have never been so proud of you. Keep your head and keep on keeping on. Like they say, the struggle continues.


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