Voluntary Youth Philanthropists (VYP)

Voluntary Youth Philanthropists (VYP) is a youth led organization, registered in Kenya. Since 2000, VYP has been lobbying and mobilizing youth to participate in promoting peace through pro-development leadership at the grassroots. All our activities are geared towards the promotion of an enviroment that encourages peaceful co-existence and development with an aim ensuring that the activities around us do not deny the youth a propsperous future.

The overall goal of VYP is to promote youth empowerment especially in marginalized communities. VYP works with existing youth groups at the grassroots and also aids in formation of youth groups in areas where none exists or where the existing groups’ structures don’t allow for partnership. VYP helps these groups by facilitating trainings in leadership, peace-building, human rights, self awareness, entrepreneurship, team building among others and also organizes for motivational talks for the youth groups. VYP also helps them by networking them with other youth organizations in the country and also ensuring that there is trickle down of information which rarely reaches these marginalized groups so that they don’t miss out in resource distribution.

With fifty- five percent of young persons between 15-24 living on less than $1 a day and a sizeable number being homeless or putting up with relatives and friends, coupled with their high level of joblessness and the fact that youths account for half of all new HIV infections, the need for urgent measures to improve current conditions for Kenyan youth is unquestionable.

VYP emphasize the nexus between lasting peace and sustainable development and contribute to supporting peace consolidation in order to provide a secure basis for development in Kenya. By focusing on challenges facing youth, in particular:

  1. Reintegration of youth, in particular, young militia groups into society;
  2. Creation of job opportunities for the young people;
  3. Community-building by the youth and their ability to access basic services such as water, health and basic education.
  4. Acceptance and appreciation of the diversity of Kenyan tribes and cultures by the Kenyan Youth


VYP’s vision:

A society where equity and justice interact resulting in sustainable peace.



To promote integral development of the human person through empowerment and sensitization.

The main objective:

  1. To unite the youth through youth-centered and youth-driven programs
  2. To enhance youth participation in all spheres of societal life through building their capacities and  inculcating in them positive social values.
  3. To promote youth participation in the decision making processes both at the local and national levels.
  4. To facilitate youth Economic empowerment



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