Sports, Art and Theatre

Sports and Theatre

This deals with exchange programs whereby the youth exchange through cultural dance, language. In collaboration with other programs, sensitization & awareness creations on different issues affecting the youth in the society through theatre, poems, dance, music, art, sports and peace caravan all being means of mobilisation and creating opportunities.


a. Sports

We work in local schools to create football teams, which include a variety of tribal backgrounds. These teams also integrate refugee youth with the host community. There are under-12, under-16 and senior teams of both sexes currently playing.


b. Art

We have engaged artistically talented, creative, imaginative and empathetic children and youth to give them a voice through art, theatre, puppetry and other competitions which emphasize on originality and uniqueness of perspective rather than technical merits, in order to identify and develop future leaders.

VYP is the Kenyan partner of International Child Art Foundation (ICAF). We have organized several ‘Art Olympiad’ competitions, cultural exhibitions  in partnership with ICAF in USA and Germany. Currently the ‘Art Olympiad’ competition is on-going whereby the nationally selected best art will be presented during a festival in Washington D.C. in June 2007.

Marking the WORLD AIDS DAY 2005 Peace Tiles as best practice, funded by ActAlive and Art4Development organisations, created opportunity for people of all ages to share in a funny and educational art-making activity and produced murals that bring inspiration to the communities for HIV/AIDS awareness.


c. Culture

Due to VYP’s roots in a multicultural setting, it was evident that bridging intercultural gaps and learning from each other was a basic way to reduce conflict and to better understand others’ culture. As a first integrating step we started with a language training whereby the refugees taught us French and we taught them English for them to be better integrated in the hosting country; Swahili was our common language. Other cultural exchange included dances, food and clothings.


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