Work Camp

We have formulated work camps in the form of a Peace Caravan which we are confident adequately address the key issues under the scope of VYP. The campers adopt the working approach of VYP and in every place that we go, they are expected to join in the work of the hosting communities and in the process, interact and get to understand deeper how they live. Each day we engage in peace building activities in our host location and also undertake environmental conservation practices including but not limited to planting trees.


Since ours is a traveling group, it is our policy not to impose our activities on the communities but to structure ours to merge into theirs and experience their life the way they live it in an ordinary day but making sure that we meet our expectations at the end of the day. You will be required to pay a participation fee to facilitate your upkeep during the programe. We willprovide airport transfers (arrival and departure), transport to and from all the work camp projects, food and accommodation for the 14 days of project. All through the project we will be camping and we will provide tents each of which will be shared by two people. Participants will be issued with a certificate of participation upon successful completion of the work camp. Participants will be required to carry, a torch, a mosquito repellents, entertainment and cultural effects from their country.

One must be 18 years old or older to participate in the work camp.


Follow the link below to view specifics of the next peace caravan


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